Most Expensive Tree houses in the World

How would you like to own one of the most expensive tree houses in the world?

Who doesn’t love tree houses? Their fun, their outdoors and combine comfort with adventure and nature!

So as you’d expect there are some manufacturers that take your usual tree house to luxury standards!

We’ve prepared a top list for you, so you can choose which one suits you most.

#10 Feider’s Interior Canopy Tree house : $18.800

We start our top 10 most expensive tree houses in the world with the Fairder’s Conopy!

Spherical in shape, Feider’s Interior Canopu Tree house is like a paper lantern.

At night, it glows through the trees.

This tree house is built using sustainable materials. Steel cables are used to make the sphere stable in the trees.

It might look a little futuristic and it most certainly gets the job done!

Most Expensive Treehouses in the World

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