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World’s Most Expensive Shoes For Men

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World’s Most Expensive Shoes For Men

Wondering which are the World’s Most Expensive Shoes For Men? You are in the right place!

Following, I will present you a Top 5 of the World’s Most wanted shoes for men.

Men have this obsession with their shoes, like women, they are never enough but what is certainly, shoes do matter.

“Things are changing with globalization. You never used to see a Frenchman wearing tennis shoes at night.”

5. Tanino Crisci’s Lilian Shoes – Price: $1.250

We start our top 5 most expensive shoes for men in the world with this Tanino Crisci’s Lilian Shoes!

Tanino Crisci is actually one of the greatest shoes creator of the world and also he produces some of the World’s Most Expensive Shoes.

The Lilian Style is one of the best pair of shoes ever, but the price is not so low if you have a small budget, this shoes costs 1.250$.

Also they are very comfortable, walking will be a pleasure.

World's Most Expensive Shoes For Men


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