Most Expensive Hammock in the World

How much can cost the most expensive hammock in the world?


Don’t you love the time you have while you’re in a hammock? It doesn’t matter if it’s a regular one. Attached between 2 trees, made from silk or any other material, they all give you a great relaxation time, time in which you can mediate, listen to music, just relax or just sleep. But how would you like to have this time in the world’s most expensive hammock?

Let’s find more together about the world’s most expensive hammock.


The most expensive hammock in the world is called the Petiole. It is created by Hammacher and it’s a very luxurious masterpiece. You will wonder. How much can a hammock cost? Well, the world’s most expensive hammock has a price tag of $35.000. It’s affordable for the rich people, don’t you think? I guess because of it’s fancy design, this is the most expensive hammock in the world.

Most Expensive Hammock in the World

Its unique design was manufactured in Sweden, in the Hammacher factory. The structure was crafted in steel and features a canopy which protects you from the direct rays of the sun.  Do you know what is the best part of this hammock? As you can see in the photos, it does not require 2 trees for attaching.

Also, one of the best part is that this hammock can support up to 250 kg. It was built for 2 people, so you can relax and yet enjoy a pleasant company.

The Petiole hammock won the Les Decouvertes award of innovation at the Maison & Objet design show. The Petiole was made by 2 artisans in almost 4 weeks. The entire structure was made by hand and is supported by a stainless steel 9-foot tall pole which forms a semi-circle.
The canopy above locks the UV radiation by 86% and don’t worry. You can have a good view of the sky.

This item it’s a perfect idea for the honeymoon. It’s comfortable, it’s built for 2. You can have a great time in it.

Most Expensive Hammock in the World

So, if money aren’t a problem for you, would you buy the Petiole?

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