Celebrities most expensive wedding dresses

What are celebrities most expensive wedding dresses? This article is all about that.

Every bride wants to be perfect on the most important day of her life. Besides the make up, the shoes etc., the dress is the most important of all. Want to know how celebrities wedding dresses look like?

And most of all, just how expensive are the most expensive celebrity wedding dresses?

#5 Grace Kelly’s Wedding Dress- $65.000

When it comes to wedding dresses, Grace Kelly was an inspiration for the Duchess of Cambridge, Catherine Middleton. At first an American film actress and later the Princess of Monaco, Grace Kelly had a wedding dress designed by Helen Rose, a seamstress at MGM (Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer). The dress had a style specific to that century, meaning, full skirts, long sleeves and high neckline, which is exactly how this wedding dress was designed. Featuring 100 yards of silk net and 25 yards of silk taffeta, this dress is worthy for a true princess.

Celebrities most expensive wedding dresses

Celebrities most expensive wedding dresses


#4 Victoria Beckham’s Wedding Dress – $100.000

Ex member of the Spice Girls band, Victoria Beckham made an entrance at her wedding in a champagne-coloured strapless Vera Wang wedding dress. She also had a gold and diamond tiara which is now out for auction at Bonhams auction house in London. Her gown was 20-foot long train. This my favorite dress from the list of the most expensive wedding dresses.

Celebrities most expensive wedding dresses

#3 Princess Diana’s Wedding Dress – $150.000

Designed by David and Elizabeth Emmanuel, this luxurious wedding dress is embellished with pearls and lace. What puts this wedding dress on the spotlight is the fact that the item is 24-foot long train.

Celebrities most expensive wedding dresses


#2 Melania Knauss’s Wedding Dress – $200.000

Melania Knauss  is a Slovenian model and in 2005 she becamed the wife of the real estate magnate Donald Trump. So when you marry a wealthy man, definitely your wedding dress will be an expesinve, luxurious one. The wedding dress is made out of 1500 rhinestones and 300 feet tulle.

Celebrities most expensive wedding dresses

#1 Kate Middleton’s Wedding Dress – $400.000

As we said before, Kate Middleton’s wedding dress was inspired by the one that Grace Kelly worn at her own wedding. Made out from silk net and lace, the dress sure gives a royal look. This exquisite piece of art was designed by Sarah Burton, creative director at Alexander McQueen. The lace roses are the symbol for England, thistles are for Scotland, shamrocks for Ireland and daffodils for Wales. All in one unique dress.

Celebrities most expensive wedding dresses

I hope you enjoyed our article about celebrities most expensive wedding dresses. Stay tuned for more!


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